Monday, February 7, 2011

Moving On Up

We have now initiated the process of starting the beginning! :)

That's what this process is like so many times. One moment we are ready to go and the next we realize that big leap we just took was just a drop in the bucket. Any way you look at it, this journey is exciting- one drop at a time!

We have started the application process for the Sonship Mentoring program and hope to start on that soon. The other exciting piece of information is that it looks like we will make an initial trip to Ireland this fall after all! Since neither of us have ever set foot on the green isle, we felt it would be a good idea to wander about prayerfully and grow to love the people over there. While mentioning that to our Recruiter, he thought it would be an excellent idea. Please pray that God will work it all out and for us to not let our desires - or fears - get in the way of His timing and provision.

Can't wait to let you know more as we learn of it!