Thursday, June 21, 2012

THAT Post....

Please forgive me for not updating this page more often!
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The good news in that is that I'm not sitting here bored trying to think "What could I possibly do next??", but rather "Ahhh! I need to update the blog!" as I go running by ;-)

God has been working in so many ways! We will finally have the house on the market within the week, the kids are off to their Nana's and then camp not long after, I've been cleaning, talking with people, and writing letters. Dare I say, this is starting to feel real!

One thing I think I need to clarify to people is the financial situation. It's a bit confusing if you've never experienced this kind of missional support and can be completely overwhelming. Below are some of the things we'd like for people to understand about this process:

  • We have to be 100% supported before we can go to Ireland. That is, that all of our monthly support has been promised and is coming in: Almost $8700 monthly (If you're concerned about the amount, EMAIL me. It really does make sense when you break it down), and all of our launching fund must be in: Around $74,000.
  • We need people to start supporting us now. This is basically due to the launching fund which all monthly support will go into for now. It's our moving expenses, training for several weeks before we leave, and purchasing a car once we are over there. It also includes other training once we are there and travel for family wellness.
  • You don't have to give hundreds of dollars every month for years in order to be able to help. One thing I learned while helping with WAY-FM's pledge drives is that every dollar really does help. If some can do $100 or $200 a month, bless you! But if you can do $15 or $20 a month for one year, that adds up with others just as well! Our goal is not to have "X" number of people giving at a certain amount. Our goal is to reach our monthly goal- however many people it takes. In fact, the more people who support us, the more we know are praying!
  • We want you to feel this. In other words, no, we don't want you to feel you have to break your budget to support missions in Ireland, but we also don't want you not to feel it at all. We are challenging people to try an amount that doesn't stress them too much, but is still a bit of a sacrifice to the Lord for them. That may mean cutting going out to eat once a month, toning down the cable package, or cutting back on a "Venti Mocha Java Happy" once a month. Whatever it is, we want this to be a personal experience between you and God in partnering with us :)
  • We can't work over there. I've had several people ask us why we aren't getting jobs in Ireland. Well, we are in the sense we will be meeting and discipling people all the time, but as for Irish employment, we can't. The economy is too bad and we can't get the visas for typical jobs. Should have been a brain surgeon instead of a nurse for One for the soul.... ;-) Though we would love to get an official job over there, it's just not what God is allowing for now.

Though I know this post is a bit long, I pray it has cleared up a few concerns about our finances. Please continue to pray this all goes in God's timing. Though personally we would like to take it easy, we feel God wants it to be quicker and even that is taking a huge step of faith because of how slow it seems to be going still. We are at less than 10% of our monthly needs still.
So......... here's our support link!!
Our account is #19860