Saturday, August 30, 2014


Do you remember these? 

There was a certain terror and exhilaration when receiving a folded piece of paper and knowing you must answer. That special someone wanted to know!

That's often how we feel when calling people about partnership. "We really don't want to bug you too often, so....could you check one please?

We know that people get busy - so we want to help remind you! Also, some people don't want to say "No". If you feel you need to, that's fine. Just let us know.

Why do we need to know?
We really feel under an ever-growing compulsion. 

That's the best way to describe it. We love the people we are around! Our friends, GEM family, church family, the kids' school...but we just can't settle. We are almost sick with the compulsion in our souls to start serving in London. And we do truly believe it's God given. He knows us. We could easily settle in here, do great things for the Kingdom of God, have a wonderful church family, and let the kids go through an amazing school system - but we aren't suppose to get settled. We are passing through while knowing we will be back to visit often!

Yet in order to do that, we need people who want to see the body of Christ grow. Yes, it is getting harder, and harder to serve the millions who are in and going through London. That is why we feel so compelled to get there soon. There is a great need. We need people who can be the means by which we can minister there.

Will you join our team? 

There are several trips coming up where we would love for you to see London and all that God is doing there in small pockets of Light. Come with us to catch the vision

Would you also prayerfully consider being a part of our financial partnership

Just as important is that we want to share in this with you! Please contact us any time with questions, or just a, "Hey! I want to hear more...

We truly know this is a body of Christ and we can't work well without you!

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