Friday, October 26, 2012


Not everyone is called to drop their lives and move to share the Gospel.
Not everyone is called to partner with us financially so that we can.
Not everyone is called to come on short term mission trips to reach out to Dubliners.
Not everyone is called love the Irish sacrificially.

But, if you're a Christ follower....
You are called to share the Gospel with those around you - where ever you are.
You are called to partner with other believers in advancing God's kingdom. (Your church, ministries, missions, etc...)
You are called to plant seeds wherever you go, even briefly. (We don't take vacations from Christ)
You are called to love others, unconditionally. Especially your brothers and sisters in Christ, so that we will be known as His by the love we have for one another.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Settled. ???

Thank you all for your prayers over the last few months! We've learned so many things about ourselves during the selling of our home & belongings, and while moving twice. But most of all, we learned of God's goodness. We learned first hand that,
Yes, everything really does work out in the end.
No, there was no point in stressing over "that", and
He always comes through at the right time.

It's funny how we all KNOW these lessons, but living them takes you to a whole new level of understanding.

We are so in love with the Irish! It amazes me that day by day our love grows deeper and deeper for a people we've barely met. That can be nothing other than the Spirit working in our hearts.!, we are devoting ourselves to finding those people God has called to partner with us through prayer, special gifts, an/or monthly support. We will be calling you. Both to talk and to listen. Are you one of those people? Has the Spirit laid anyone on you're heart that you can connect us with who may? Can we just take a moment to share our passion with you? No pressure. Just love.

Will you pray we reach 50% by Christmas??

This will help in many ways:

  • It will put us on track for being at 85% by February so we can go to the training we need. 
  • Ruel will be able to quit his 60+ hours a week job and focus on ministry with me full time. (This is sorely needed!)
  • We have obligations at the end of this year/first of next that would be helped greatly by Ruel working at home.