Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ready...Set...GO! Will you help?

We announced in our recent newsletter God's call in our ministry to work with GEM's Mobilization HQ office in McKinney, TX. February is dedicated to packing up and saying our good-byes in TN as we plan to move to McKinney around March 1st. We have been amazed at God's perfect timing in our joining the team in TX: This year they are leading 2 PROJECTS (80+ in each) to Brazil World Cup & Scotland Commonwealth Games, over 12 separate Short-Term Trips (STT) across the UK alone, plus various other trips across Europe and the USA. This doesn't even account for all the interns! Needless to say, we will be busy.

In fact, we need your support and prayers for an upcoming trip already. In order to learn all that is involved with leading teams and to capture a little more of that passion to serve in Europe, I (Tiffany) have already been scheduled to go with a women's vision trip the first week in April. We will be taking 8 women to experience the breadth & depth of ministries that are doing 'outside-of-the-box' things for God in the UK (i.e. Cafe churches, Pub churches, Safe Houses for trafficked women, etc.) This is an amazing opportunity to jump right in and start serving both those in Europe and fostering a passion for ministry and need to those in America.

Because of how close this trip is, budgets have already been set, and we need to provide all the funding ourselves. The initial deposit is due Feb. 3rd, but we know God will provide!
Would you consider partnering with a special gift for this trip? You can send the money directly to our GEM account (though please send us a quick email to make sure we set it aside for this trip!), or email us to find several other personal options such as PayPal or mailing it to the London Vision Tour Fund.

Please pray for us over the next month:

  • Saying good-byes in TN
  • Finding a place to live in McKinney, TX (including either furnishings or some cheap/free stuff!)
  • Funds for the Vision Tour the first week of April
  • A part time job for Ruel as soon as we get to TX (this will allow us eating money until we are able to move permanently to Ireland)
  • Patience :-)