Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We Need Your Support

One of the many lessons the Lord has been teaching me is to ask for help. I've always claimed that it's not pride or saying that I don't need others and can do just fine on my own, but rather that I don't want to burden others. While that may be true, God has taught me that is but another form of pride: One also of not wanting to admit weakness and that I was taking away my dependency on Him and the blessing of giving from others.

I'm still learning :-)

On that note, however, I am going to ask you for your support for us in going to Ireland this October. There are two ways right now that you can do this:

First and foremost is PRAYER
While most of us like to say, "I'm praying for you." and mean that we will - at some point, we are asking that you truly make it a point to pray. Place a note in your calendar, schedule, or set an alarm on your cell phone. Please commit to a few scheduled times whether it be once a month, once a week, or every day!
Pray that...
1.  We will keep our eyes focused on Christ Jesus through this whole process and will be flexible when He needs.
2.  That we will have enough funding to get over there this fall. We believe He's calling us to make an initial visit this October, and need to raise all the money to go. Our personal budget is stretched to the limit as it is and well, ....we are learning to rely on Him when He calls!
3.  That God will make this first trip clear as to which direction we will focus on over there. Right now our heart are leaning toward Dublin, but we want to be open to however He is moving over there. The best place to be, after all, is in the center of His will.

Second is Funding.
We are not officially with World Harvest yet, and so can not raise support through them. This initial trip to Ireland will begin that process hopefully, or make it clear we need to search in a new direction. Either way, we will need your support.
I am willing to be perfectly candid when talking about this. What we hoped to set aside from our income tax returns has already gone to the initial class we are taking through World Harvest's Sonship program. While it was not cheap, we are very excited about it and know this is where our money was to go this year. With Ruel's hours at work being cut back, we've realized we are going to have to rely heavily - if not completely - on outside donations. One thing we promise is transparency. I know that sounds a little political....but it's the truth. All funds we receive will go to our mission work. If God allows us to be blessed beyond what we need for this trip, it will be but aside for the next one, or any materials we need to purchase.
*If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at tkgodbey@gmail.com and we will answer you to the best of our ability.

Please send any donations to our home address below, or contact us at the above email address if you prefer another means.
Ruel and Tiffany Godbey
*Ireland 2011
1006 Dellrose Dr.
Bell Buckle, TN  37020

I'll keep you updated with a percentage as soon as I can set something up. Thank you all for the support, encouragement and love. What an exciting ride for the Lord we are taking together!

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