Friday, October 7, 2011

More From Dublin

What an amazing few days it has been!

I'm sitting here looking out the window to a city I have grown to love recently. Admittedly, I wasn't sure how I'd feel about Dublin. Never having been a big city girl, I wondered if I'd feel trapped or over crowded: Not at all. Granted, I know we only been here less than a week, but instead of becoming anxious, I'm falling in love with the people. Dublin is so much more diverse than I thought, with people from all over Europe. I keep thinking, "What an amazing opportunity!" And I don't have to go very far - at least from my hotel or the downtown area - to see the sea and natures beauty.

There have been some moments where we've felt overwhelmed with all the challenges of moving here, but God's been faithful to the peace we have through Him. Yes, this is a world-renown roller-coaster ride, but we are securely fasten in our seats by His love and desire to bless us by being a part of these people coming to know Him personally. What a blessing!

Following are links to more of our pictures. Enjoy them, and say a pray for the people who live here as well as those God has called to this city in order to share Him.

Dublin/ Howth Day 3
Dublin/ Dun Laoghaire Day 4
Dublin/ (Greystones, Shankill, Glendalough) Day 5
Dublin City Day 6

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