Friday, October 21, 2011

Please Take The Time To Read This

Praise God we leave in a week for Greater Europe Mission Candidate school!

We are so excited to be taking this next step. It will be - one way or another - just the thing we need to start being affirmative. No longer will it be, "If we are accepted....", "When we know who we're going with...." or "We might be doing....". We will finally know.

We also are praising God for what He's going to do, and that takes a faith that I'm having to get use to. We need a little over $2000 to go next week. A lot of it can be reimbursed after we start raising funds, but $1250 can not. During that week we need to hand them a check - or several checks - that will pay for the actual session in that amount. And we only have $500 so far. 

Will you pray that it will be supplied to us before we go? We have no extra emergency account to draw this from, so must rely completely on the Lord. If the Spirit lays it on your heart to help us financially in this, please make out your tax-deductible check to "Greater Europe Missionsbut do not put our names on it. You can give the check to us and when we are given an account number that week, can add it on to pay our fee. 

You can: 
  • give the check directly to us, 
  • give it to Mrs. Kim in Third Baptist Church's office, 
  • or mail it to us @ 1006 Dellrose Dr., Bell Buckle, TN  37020

Ruel and I covet your prayers in this. We know the Lord will provide for the path He's put us on. and we know that He has given us fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to be His hands. Thank you so much for your prayer in this!

May you experience His love today-

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