Saturday, May 12, 2012

Reality Check

Every once in a while reality hits, perspectives shift, and goals are fine tuned. These are good.

Though things change, we look at the work through fresh eye and with a scoured heart. Here's where we are right now:
  • Happy birthday to our youngest, Elijah! Our baby is turning 9 today. While is such an amazing blessing to see how he is maturing into a young man, it is a reminder of just how fast time can fly.
  • It's get the house ready to sell week. Ruel is on vacation starting today and we have a ton of stuff to do. Painting, staining, sanding, sorting....keep us in your prayers!
  • Because this is the week to work, my back - of course - has gone out. It seized up really bad last night. I couldn't even lift the toothpaste :( Pray it gets better soon. We have so much to do!
  • We have not been praying enough. Ruel and I have been convicted of not spending enough time in prayer for our MPD's (Ministry Partners Development). In other words, we've not relied enough on God's power to raise our monthly support: We've been trying to do it on our own. Our prayer this month is that by the end of May we will be at 20% of our monthly support. Only 15% to go..... (Click here to join us in prayer with a quick daily FB update)
We are trying to be transparent with everyone. There's not much glory to give God if we don't express how much He helps us! Keep us in your prayers as we get through this next month.

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