Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Sower and the Seeds Anew

This morning as I was reading the parable of the sower and the seeds in Mark 4, the Spirit brought a fresh meaning to me. Yes, this is about the sowing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (We know because He explained it!), but a new meaning came to me too: As Ruel and I have been talking and sharing about our family's call to Ireland, I realize we have been sowing seeds. Seeds of ministry, partnership, and passion.

Some of those seeds will fall on hard ground.
Some will fall in shallow soil.
Others will grow up in thorns that will choke them out.
Still, others will produce great crops of differing amounts!

Now, we are not so petty as to say this can only be applied to financial means for us - though I'm afraid sometimes it may seem that way to others. These crops come in the necessary form of money, yes. But also in prayer, fellowship, and spiritual support. Most have no idea the stress involved in following God in this way... We were greatly blessed by a brother in Christ this week, who admitted he can't help monetarily, but ministered to our souls by sympathizing, encouraging, and praying over us. He spent precious time with us.

I love the life of Scripture.
And I long to share that with the Irish.
Seed scattered......

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  1. AMEN! It's hard, but beautiful.

    Kate Egli