Friday, April 15, 2011

Asked and Recieved

Well, we asked the Lord to answer us quickly as to when we needed to make our first trip- and He did! This July is no longer an option and next summer might still be a possibility, but we know He is leading us to go this October now.

Certain doors have closed and others stand open. We are just called to walk through.

The good in all the uncertainty over the last week is that the Lord has used it to show us several things, and one of is them quite surprising: When we should have been disappointed in a "No" we felt the peace of assurance that we are still to go. It makes absolutely no sense to me that we don't have anything more concrete (ie. a comfort zone), but that is when God reminded me of something He clearly said years ago, "Tiffany, I'm not going to have you do things the 'usual' way." That is so hard for me as a person who doesn't like to stick out and prefers proof and positive track records. Perhaps that's just why. I forces me to rely solely on Him.

Please keep us in this journey in your prayers. It's days like today I know we have a long way to go- but oh, how wondrously we will get to glorify Him through it!

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