Thursday, April 14, 2011

Prayer Needed!!

So, there might be a slight change in plans.....soon!

We were just told that a much better time for us to come over would be this July 9th-16th. There are two main problems with this:
1.) Kevin (Ruel) doesn't have vacation that week, and
2.) We certainly don't have the funds to start purchasing tickets yet.

That being said, it's no problem at all if God wants it to happen that way!

Pray that God will make it clear quickly if we are to try for this July, still go October (even though it seems to be very bad timing), or wait until next summer and pray we'll be able to get a vacation the right week then.

The Spirit has confirmed over and over to us that we are meant to go over there. It's just a matter of timing now. We are being called to have faith and flexibility in this.


  1. When are the boys supposed to be there? Praying for discernment. God is in charge and I am praying for His will above all....and if it is His will we seek, it will happen His way and in His time.

    Love ya,

  2. They will be here in June, so that is a blessing!