Friday, December 16, 2011

A Step of Faith

There is nothing beneath 
our feet right now 
other than faith.

My natural response would be to fret my way through it, but the Spirit has given us a peace that truly does defy 
all understanding.

With Christmas and all it's joy and madness approaching, we've taken a step back in raising support. We're enjoying the season with all it's meaning, fully for the last time in Tennessee: Our family is relishing every moment.

I pray that you have a blessed celebration of our Savior's birth and look to the new year with awe at what God will do through you in His holy Name. You are here to glorify Him and He cherishes you so much, He desires to do great things through you. You simply need to ask of the Father what you know His heart wants.

May you see God unmistakably in your life today - as always.

For a taste of what we've been learning 
to adapt for Dublin visit
Contact me if you'd like to discuss some of the ideas behind this CPM!

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