Saturday, March 31, 2012

Theme of the Month

This month has been breathtaking! Both literally -due to allergies and bronchitis - and figuratively with preparing to sell the house and move to Ireland.

As Ruel and I sat at the table yesterday morning eating a calm breakfast before another day's work, I looked over at our calendar and laughed as the the image registered for the first time in full: CHANGE.

Now if that isn't the understatement of the year!

In the last two weeks, we had spent a week with the boys in this house for the last time, switched bedrooms around, replaced our backdoor and added a screen, prepared for switching posts on the porch and replacing the railing, switched kitchen tables with our neighbor (going from an almost 4x6 table to a 3x3) cleaned out every room for moving/yard sale stuff (and we're really only about half done), got the two younger kids passports sent for, had our house reviewed for selling (so we know what still needs to be fixed/replaced), started thinking about who to give our beloved cats to, and had our black emperor scorpion, Fluffy, die.


Through all of this upheaval, we've prayed constantly that the Lord grant us and the kids a peace. Especially for Lauren and Elijah- this has been difficult for them. As I sat there consoling Lauren the other day on some of the changes, I told her what I remembered when I was 4 years old, crying on the side of the road as my parents threw out "the only stove I've know my whole entire life!" Yes, I was a bit dramatic as a kid. Especially since it only had one working eye and even the oven was a hit/miss. Change is difficult, but necessary. Not that it makes it easy, but it grows us. Change helps us to rely on the Lord, and not things.

Say a prayer for us and the changes will snowball further this month! We will be going to Florida to talk with some churches and friends about Ireland and partnering with us.

Can't wait to see what changes will have occurred by next month!

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