Thursday, May 31, 2012

Third Culture Hearts

We've been working so hard the last few weeks with getting the house ready to sell, getting our stuff ready to move, cultivating partnerships, and taking a course to develop an education plan for our kids. One of the books I've had to read for that was Third Culture Kids. It's brought up many great points about the moving process not only for the kids, but for us as well.

Today as we were driving to Lowe's again, we had the windows down enjoying the coolness of the day. All my thoughts though were of Ireland and the move. Will I miss this drive? Though this seems cool to me now, will it seem like a heat wave once we've been in Ireland for a while? I wonder if the bugs sound the same in the trees?

I realized, our hearts are moving cultures as well. Everywhere we look we see the mixture of TN, the USA, and Ireland. What things will be the same? What little things will we miss?

This is both an exciting and scary time. We are happy and sad. Spending time with friends becomes all that much more precious because we know it won't last that much longer.

We are so excited to have this journey to share with you :-)

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